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For some reason the shower was struggling to drain, which was odd. Linda watched the water slowly filter down the hole. Her bathroom had been finished for two days. Two days and there was already a problem!….


It was a beautiful spring morning, perfect to get out and start on the garden! Maude had been planning her new garden bed for weeks, and finally, today was the day! Her husband was away this …


Fred opened the office door, only to be greeted with a flooded room. It was Thursday morning and his Boss had a meeting scheduled with some of his clients in the board room, which was also flooded….


To repair these pipe problems, the very common choice is to settle for traditional pipe repair methods, such as pipe replacement.

Facts About Plumber Botany

Comprising part of the City of Botany Bay, Botany is situated 11km south of Sydney’s CBD. Botany Bay is best known as the point where Captain James Cook, after his navigation around Australia on the ‘Endeavour’, first landed on April 29, 1770. Botany’s famous Sir Joseph Hotel is named after Joseph Banks, the ship’s English botanist, and is now registered on the Register of the National Estate (formerly the Australian National Heritage List). Also on the list is Botany’s other significant landmark, St Matthew’s Church of England, built in 1862.

Of particular interest is the Sir Joseph Banks Park which incorporates Foreshore Reserve (28 hectares of bushland) and the Sir Joseph Banks Pleasure Gardens, which are a reflection of Botany’s vast history. A statue of Sir Joseph Banks is situated in the Gardens.

In recent years, there has been as increase in housing developments due to a growing trend towards urbanisation. Residents in the redeveloped industrial areas enjoy living close to Sydney’s beaches and the city centre. More houses means more plumbing and sooner or later, whether your house is old or new, you’ll likely be faced with a plumbing drama. No need to panic though, with your local Plumber Botany just around the corner to save the day – or night!

Plumber Botany Park

Seven reasons why you should call Plumber Botany right now:



From start to finish, you will receive professional service, from the moment a Plumber Botany plumber arrives at your door until he leaves your property free of mess at the completion of the job



There are no nasty surprises when it comes to our costs. We are always transparent about our prices



The work that Plumber Botany delivers is fully guaranteed and we strive for complete customer satisfaction



Plumber Botany services are available to you 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year for your convenience and peace of mind



At absolutely no extra cost to you, our plumbers will check all of your plumbing before leaving your property to make sure your plumbing is serving you well



Our vans are well stocked so our Plumber Botany plumbers are ready to attend to any plumbing issue that you have. Our plumbers pride themselves on being punctual – we won’t keep you waiting!



Our plumbers at Plumber Botany are highly experienced technicians who love that they do and have all the skills necessary to deliver work of an exceptional standard

“Want a same day plumbing service that is fast, reliable, friendly and affordable? Look no further than Plumber Botany! Call us today on 0402 290 290. If you book a job with us online, you can save $25! It’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ to our customers.”

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Plumber Botany offers the following services:

Replacing or maintaining hot water heater systems
Tapware repair or replacement
Repair or replacement of defective or aging toilets
A wide variety of gas services, including (but not limited to) the installation
Repairing or re-running pipework in PVC
Repairing rainwater harvesting tanks or installing new tanks
Everything sewer system related

What People Say

"Very satisfied with Davids service and will be using your company in the near future"




"Very satisfied with Davids service and will be using your company in the near future"

"Very pleased. Couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to get my work done"




"Very pleased. Couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to get my work done"

"Great service, very clean and friendly. Changed our opinion on tradesmen for good. We will definitely be recommending Your Plumber Neighbourhood to our friends and family"




"Great service, very clean and friendly. Changed our opinion on tradesmen for good. We will definitely be recommending Your Plumber Neighbourhood to our friends and family"

Don’t freak over a tap leak! Call Plumber Botany right away for fast and efficient service – just as happy customer Rachel did.

Rachel was well aware that her kitchen tap had been leaking for a few days now, but she had been so busy with work and part-time studies that she put getting it attended to off. It didn’t seem like an urgent matter to Rachel. Rachel’s friend Cara came over for breakfast on the Saturday and noticed the dripping tap as they made tea in the kitchen. She asked if Rachel was going to get the leak seen to and Rachel told her she was meaning to. Cara informed her that a leaky tap could result in thousands of litres of water waste, not to mention an unwanted hefty water bill! She suggested that Cara call their local plumbing company, Plumber Botany who had sorted out her hot water issues just a few weeks back.

Cara called Plumber Botany and spoke to a very pleasant plumber on the phone who told Cara he’d be over a little later in the morning. He arrived dressed in a neat uniform and was extremely friendly and professional in his manner. He gave Cara an upfront quote for his work then went about examining her kitchen tap which was a mixer tap. He discovered that not only was the tap rather old but that the leak was coming from the cartridge. Cartridge replacement can be costly and as the tap was also on its last legs, the plumber advised investing in a whole new set of taps, which Cara agreed to. The plumber said he could source and install the taps that afternoon for her which Cara was very pleased about as she felt she was in good hands. Cara thanked both Rachel and the plumber for their much appreciated help!

Your local Plumber Botany is here to solve any plumbing issues that you have! Call us today on 0402 290 290. We look forward to taking care of your plumbing needs.

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