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A Plumbing Catastrophe in Botany

It was a beautiful spring morning, perfect to get out and start on the garden! Maude had been planning her new garden bed for weeks, and finally, today was the day! Her husband was away this weekend on a business trip. She could already imagine his delight on coming home to find the new garden he’d always wanted but had never had time to create. She pulled on her gardening gloves and got out the shovel. She’d dig down and excavate a rounded garden bed in the front yard. She’d then pour in fresher (store bought) soil and mix it through with the compost from the back yard. Then it would be free range for the veggies! It would be hard work, but Maude was looking forward to it. She got to work, tracing out the size of the garden bed. She set up the border pavers for easy access, and began digging. It was incredibly hard! The soil was damp, but solid. But she stuck to it, waving to her neighbours as they came and went.
Lucy from across the road came over with a cup of tea for Maude.

“Just a moment,” Maude wanted this small section done before she took her break. This job might take longer than expected! She pressed her shovel down, and felt something hard. Another rock. She raised her shovel and brought it down even harder. The rock gave and the clump of dirt came out. So did a pool of water. The two women stared at it in surprise.

“Did you hit a pipe?” Lucy asked, walking around the front fence to take a closer look.

“Can you turn off the water meter? It’s just next to you.” Lucy obliged and then came to look at the muddied pipe Maude had just cut in half.

“I have a Plumber you can call,” Lucy pulled her phone out of her pocket, found the number, and handed it to her neighbour.

The Botany Plumber was local to the area. He got there within the hour and commented it was a good thing they’d shut off the water supply. He looked at the pipe and advised that the only thing he could do was cut out the damaged section and replace it.

“What about my garden bed?” The Plumber got his own shovel off the truck and scooped dirt away from the pipe. He uncovered more of it and they found it to be running close to the boundary of the proposed garden bed. It wouldn’t be hard to shift the garden bed out of its way, and he would be able to divert the section of damaged pipe around the bed as well. The Botany Plumber cut out the earth along the border of the garden bed and, with Maudes help, laid the pavers down along the edge so there could be no more accidents. This done, he then got to work cutting out the damaged section of pipe. He cut a new channel for it around the edge of the bed and connected it to the other end of the pipework. He sealed the connections and tested the work by turning on the water meter. Everything was looking good. Maude thanked him heartily. Not only had he fixed a silly mistake, he’d ended up digging out most of the garden for her and set most of the garden border! What a generous Plumber!

For a Plumber you can rely on in an emergency, call your local Botany Plumber now on 0423 602 146!

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