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Why is Water Turning the Bathroom Fixtures Green?

Nobody wants to see green water, crusty green deposits, or velvety green mould on bathroom plumbing fixtures. They can appear on any part of the bathroom and are caused by a number of factors. Thus, they may or may not be difficult to fix, depending on what caused them to appear in the fixture in the first place.

Mould Accumulation
Mould causes green, orange, brown, red, white, or black stains to develop on different bathroom fixtures, such as the drains and sink. They thrive in wet environment and cause problems to the house and the people living in it, and therefore, should not be taken for granted. Aside from altering the appearance of a fixture, they do harm to the skin, lungs, and eyes.

To solve mould growth, pour mould-removing cleaners on them, and to keep them from developing again, make sure that the sink, taps, and other bathroom fixtures are dried with a towel after use. Spray the sink, taps, and other bathroom components with disinfectants twice a week.

Oxidation of Copper Plumbing Fixtures
Anything that is made of copper will become green over time because of oxidation. This is caused by the exposure of the material to oxygen. Although many copper bathroom fixtures have a transparent plastic or enamel coating to prevent this from happening, water can still deteriorate it, and when it happens, oxygen can then penetrate the copper and oxidise it. At times, however, chemicals used to treat the supply of water cause the breakdown of the protective coating.

If oxidation has happened to copper fixtures, you can use white vinegar to clean them. Keep in mind, though, that vinegar can only remove the green discolouration and will not protect fixtures from oxidation.

Copper Pipe Erosion
Copper pipes used to be the rage in plumbing. Nowadays, however, plastic pipes have taken their place, although copper pipes may still be used in a few parts of the plumbing of many homes. It is, therefore, not uncommon for homeowners to see their water turn green. Erosion is one reason why it happens, and copper pipes erode due to the acid or minerals in water.

Aside from water turning green, a green streak below a leaky tap is also a sign that the copper pipe has eroded. If you see any of these signs, call a plumber right away so the problem can be remedied before it gets worse. Copper pipes are usually soldered with lead, a very harmful substance, and if pipes erode, it can contaminate the water.