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It is good to have trees around the house as they bring in fresh air and make our homes more beautiful. Despite the benefits that trees give, there are also some house troubles that they can cause, the most common of which is sewage pipe root intrusion. How efficiently is your household’s sewage system functioning? Have you noticed any of these signs?

    ● Foul smell
    ● Bubbling sounds
    ● Backflow when you use the toilet
    ● Overflow in the sewage gully

To repair these pipe problems, the very common choice is to settle for traditional pipe repair methods, such as pipe replacement. This practice has been around for a long time and the extensive process involves excavating the damaged pipes and replacing them with new ones. If the damaged pipes reach even those under the house, the excavation will also reach this area. Not only is it extensive, it is also very expensive.

What are the choices?

Pipe relining is a non-traditional method where a pipe liner of fibreglass or cloth is inserted into the damaged pipe. It can be stretched to as far as 50 meters and can cover pipes as small as 40mm in diameter to 600mm in diameter. This process allows pipe replacement without the hassles of excavation and replacement. It is becoming a popular choice among Australian homeowners when dealing with damaged sewer lines.

How is the pipe relining process carried out?

We implement the inverted cure-in-place method of pipe relining and follow these steps:

Partial pipe cleaning. The pipes will be partially cleaned using a hydro-jet cleaning machine.

Initial CCTV inspection. Next, the affected pipes will be assessed using a CCTV drain camera. You can view the video footage to clearly understand the cause of pipe damage or sewer clogs. This step is also important in determining whether pipe relining is suitable for your drainage issues.

Full pipe cleaning. Once an agreement has been reached to proceed with pipe relining, thorough sewage pipe cleaning is done before the fibreglass or cloth tube is inserted.

Installing the pipe liner. The pipe liner will be expanded with the use of an inflating device so that the tube will stick and cover the old pipes.

Curing the pipe liner. The resin will be given some time to cure so it can bond well with the old pipe. It also helps to use steam to facilitate the curing time.

Final CCTV inspection. Once the resin has set, another inspection is done to ensure that it has settled properly and any issues have been fixed.

The benefits of pipe relining

Pipe relining may be a new method but it has been proven to be a very successful option for homeowners. It is very important to consider these benefits when deciding whether to proceed with pipe relining or not:

    ✓ Pipe relining is a quick process. Unlike traditional methods, pipe relining does not need days to finish. In fact, the process can be done in just a matter of hours.
    ✓ Pipe relining is convenient because it eliminates the tedious and messy process of excavation and replacement. The pipes are kept where they are thereby eliminating digging consequences.
    ✓ The resin used for pipe relining is very durable. The work is guaranteed to last for more than fifty years and withstand further root intrusion.
    ✓ Most importantly, pipe relining is less expensive. The cost is much less compared to other methods due to the efficient process in terms of both materials and time.

Pipe relining is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder why. If you have questions about this method, please do not hesitate to call us on 0423 602 146. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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